Put a vote on it

Four! More! Years! Advertisements

If Obama isn’t re-elected, I’ll be all…

Eat all the things?

Unbeknownst to me… I’ve been over eating for, like, a month.  I’ve conferred with a scale and that whore appliance gave it to me straight. After maintaining the same skinny-fat weight all spring… Continue reading

Disco Disco Disco Pawty

About my obsession with this shirt from the movie STRIPES.  Pre-Anderson Murray is the new Zissou. WATCH NOW: v v v v Full trailer over here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Stamps (They don’t love you like I love you)

Louis CK & why I hibernate through hangovers

Absolutely perfect.


Remember the episode of Roseanne when JACKIE was ADDICTED to the internet?  NOW YOU DO.

How to look like a total dick at the beach: Vol. 1

THE FACE-KINI So while some Chinese innovators developed noodle chopping robots (which are clearly designed to CHOP WESTERNERS) the inventor of the Face-kini has found another way to make Chinese folks live FOREVER. Just kidding.… Continue reading

ADORABLE Air Canada anniversary ad is a reminder of why flight attending could/not be my calling.

Because the OUTFITS!  If it weren’t for vomit, terrorists, babies, entitled white people, teenagers, people in general, plus the ever-hovering chance of death, I would be a flight attendant by now.

You’ve gotta be off your tits to cheat on Anderson Cooper

Or off your mits, I guess.  Women would sell their babies for a hetero night with old Coop (not this woman, but you know… women) and his boyfriend opts to suck face in… Continue reading